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Flood Preparedness

Reducing Flood Risks at Home

Above: learn some tips and tricks from handyman Gus Gnorski on how to defend your basement from rain and melting snow.

Make Sure You Have Proper Grading Around Your Home

Proper Grading

One of the simplest things you can do to help keep water out of your basement is to make sure the dirt next to your home is pitched, or sloped away from your house.

You should have a one inch drop for every foot that you move away from your basement.

Get a four foot level and place one end against the house. At the other end of the level, measure up four inches from the ground and place that end of the level at the four inch mark. Check the bubble for level. If it's level, your good to go. If not, add more dirt and measure again.

Extend Downspouts Away From Your Basement

Make sure the downspouts on your house are extended at least six feet to ten feet away from your basement. Every downspout can deliver up to 12 gallons of water a minute during a heavy storm, water you do not want causing damage to your basement.

Get a Backup System For Your Sump Pump

When you lose power at home, your sump pump becomes useless, unless you have a backup system. Battery backup systems can buy you enough time to get a generator running, or to borrow a generator for longer periods without power.

Consider Buying Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is for more than those who live directly next to a river or lake. Everyone is at risk of flooding.

Here are some helpful links with more information about flood insurance:

Flood Clean-up Tips

Do NOT wade into standing water in your basement unless you are sure the electricity to your home is off.

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Proper grading around your home

One of the simplest ways to reduce the risk of water getting into your basement is to make sure the dirt directly next to your home is pitched, or sloped, away from the basement. See how in this video.

Sealing cracks in concrete by your house

See how to easily seal cracks in concrete next to your house. Doing so can help keep water out of your basement.


Sump Pumps and Battery Backups

Storing things in your basement